Beading / Jewelry

Pacific Rain Necklace

By  Katie Hacker  for  Beadalon

size: varies


  • Beadalon 7*, .015”, 24” lengths: Satin Gold; Satin Copper; Satin Silver
  • Continuous Gold Memory Wire*, 1-1/2 loops
  • Frost Rubber Tubing*
  • Aqua/gold/copper/clear Murano glass lentil
  • CRYSTALLIZED Swarovski Elements (Swarovski): Crystal Copper AB Crystal Rounds, 6mm, 16; Pacific Opal Crystal Rounds, 4mm, 13; Indicolite Crystal Bicones, 4mm, 14; Pacific Opal Crystal Cubes, 4mm, two; Indicolite Crystal Teardrops, 6x9mm, two; Crystal Golden Shadow, two
  • Gold findings*: head pins, six; crimp beads, #0; #3 crimp beads, six


  • Pliers: Round-nose; Chain-nose
  • Wire cutters
  • Mighty Crimping Tool
  • Products by Beadalon
  • 1. Cut two 6" lengths from each color wire. Hold wires together and pass through a #3 crimp bead. Pass back through the crimp bead to make a 1/2" loop; crimp.
  • 2. Pass the wires through the Murano glass bead and a #3 crimp bead. (Note: Do not crimp it yet.)
  • 3. Cut two additional 4" wires of each color. Place wire ends inside the crimp bead below the Murano glass bead with the tails extending downward. Crimp it.
  • 4. String a 4mm indicolite bicone onto a gold wire and attach a #0 crimp below it. Attach more of the same style beads to the wire evenly spaced as shown; repeat for other gold wires. Repeat using pacific opal rounds for the silver wires and crystal copper rounds for copper wires.
  • 5. Pass the pendant onto the center of the memory wire.
  • 6. String beads as follows onto one side of the pendant: teardrop; #3 gold crimp (do not crimp it); crystal copper; crimp (do not crimp it); cube; repeat for other side of pendant.
  • 7. Cut rubber tubing 1.4" shorter than each side of necklace, slide it onto the memory wire ends, and make a basic loop at each necklace end.
  • 8. Pass a separate head pin through each of the following beads: crystal copper round; indicolite bicone and pacific opal round; repeat. Make wrapped wire loops to attach one of each color dangles to each end of the necklace.