Beading / Jewelry

Naturally Casual Butterfly Pendant

By  Mary Lynn Maloney  for  Nunn Design

size: 18" length

  • Naturally Casual Butterfly Pendant


  • Cable Chain*: Antique Gold: Large Textured, one link; Antique Silver: Large Textured, two links; Small Fine, 18" length
  • Antique Silver Grande Pendant Rectangle Single Loop*
  • Nature Collage Sheet*
  • Glass Dome Circle*, 20mm
  • Antique Gold Fern Connector Bar*
  • Antique Silver Small Jump Rings*, two
  • Antique Silver Hook and Eye Closure*
  • Moss green decorative fiber, 1 yd.
  • Green Hay Modeling Grass (Viva Décor)
  • Skeleton leaf


  • Paintbrush
  • Sealant*
  • Glue*
  • Jewelry pliers
  • *Products by Nunn Design
  • 1. Shake jar of Modeling Grass well to mix. Use paintbrush to apply a thick layer of grass inside grande rectangle pendant.
  • 2. Trim skeleton leaf to fit inside pendant. Press skeleton leaf into wet Modeling Grass. Let dry. Brush a thin coat of sealant overall.
  • 3. Cut square butterfly image from Nature collage sheet. Glue to center of dried pendant. Brush glue onto flat bottom of glass dome. Press dome onto butterfly image and push down firmly. Set aside to dry. (Note: Glue dries clear after several hours.)
  • 4. Attach gold fern connector to pendant using gold link from large chain as a jump ring. Attach a link from large silver chain to each loop in fern connector.
  • 5. Thread fine silver cable chain and green fiber through the two large silver links. Attach a small silver jump ring to each end of fine chain. Thread an end of green fiber through a small jump ring. Knot fiber onto jump ring. Touch fiber end with a bit of glue and knot again to secure. Trim excess fiber. Repeat with remaining ends of fine chain and fiber, pulling fiber to same length of chain, and knotting to small jump ring.
  • 6. Attach hook and eye closures to jump rings at ends of combined fiber and chain.