Beading / Jewelry

Inara's Jewels

By  Ruth Nore 

size: 25" length

  • Inara's Jewels


  • Beads: eight amethyst nuggets, seven purple jade nuggets, five purple jade squares
  • Swarovski Create Your Style Crystallized crystals: 12 4mm purple bicones, four 5mm amethyst round beads, two 7x5mm clear crystal barrels, two 6mm purple bicones
  • Purple agate slab, 1”x3”
  • Silver beads and findings: 14 6mm daisy spacers, two 6mm filigree bead caps, two 10mm cupped filigree bead caps, two 12mm filigree bead caps, 15 1-1/2” eye pins, six 1-1/2” head pins, large toggle clasp
  • Silver wire, 26-gauge: 24” length


  • Flat-nose pliers
  • Round-nose pliers
  • Wire cutters
  • Jewelry glue

Basic Supplies

  • cloth or beading mat, ruler or measuring tape
  • 1. Working on cloth or beading mat, string jade nugget on each eye pin for total of five eye pins. Use flat-nose pliers to hold round loop on eye pin while using round-nose pliers to bend loop on opposite end of eye pin closing loop. Trim excess. Tighten loops against base wire. (Note: Beaded eye pin should have loop on either side.) Repeat bending loops for all five jade nuggets and five jade square beads for total of 10 eye pins.
  • 2. String one 4mm purple crystal, one daisy spacer, one amethyst nugget, one daisy spacer, one 4mm purple crystal onto eye pin. Loop end of eye pins as in Step 1. Repeat process for total of five remaining eye pins.
  • 3. For cluster dangles, string onto headpin as follows: jade nugget, 12mm filigree bead cap, amethyst round bead. Loop end of headpin. Trim excess and tighten against base wire. Repeat process for total of two cluster dangles. String barrel crystal, daisy spacer, and purple bicone onto headpin. Loop end of headpin. Trim excess and tighten against base wire. String one 4mm bicone, one space, one amethyst nugget, one spacer, one 4mm bicone onto head pin. Loop end of headpin. String remaining one amethyst nugget, one cupped filigree bead cap, one 5mm amethyst round bead onto headpin. Loop end and tighten. Repeat for one more headpin. (Note: You should have six beaded headpins.)
  • 4. Measure and cut 24" length of silver wire. Find center of wire. Press center of wire around agate slab. Bend ends of wire around agate and use round-nose pliers to create loop at end bend, wrapping wire around base of each loop. (Note: The loops should be at either end of agate slab when you position wire against it.) Wrap wire tightly and firmly around agate in random fashion. Twist ends firmly together on back of agate slab. If wire feels loose, spot glue using jewelry glue.
  • 5. To connect elements, use link from curb chain to attach one jade bead-capped nugget and one amethyst bead-capped nugget to one jade square. Link other end of square to bottom loop on agate slab. Take piece of curb chain four links long and connect to bottom loop on agate slab. Attach one barrel crystal dangle, one amethyst nugget dangle, and one capped amethyst nugget onto end of chain. Take three jade nugget links, two jade square links, and three amethyst nugget links and connect them together, alternating different link. Attach 1"-long chain length on end. Link end of chain to toggle clasp. Repeat process for other side of clasp, using two jade nugget links, two amethyst nugget links, and two square links. Connect top loop of agate slab onto end of linked stones.
  • 6. To finish, add remaining two dangles onto top loop of agate using curb chain link. Adjust length as needed.