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Fall Fairy Spoon Necklace

By  Diane bunker 

  • Fall Fairy Spoon Necklace
  • Painting Chart


  • DecoArt Americana Acrylics: Alizarin Crimson, Asphaltum, Base Flesh, Burnt Orange, Burnt Sienna, Buttermilk, Evergreen, Lamp Black, Marigold, Shading Flesh, Snow (Titanium) White, Yellow Green
  • Brushes: Loew-Cornell La Corneille Golden Taklon: Round, Series 7000, #2; Liner, Series 7350, #18/0; Shader, Series 7300, #12
  • Silver watering can charm
  • J.W. etc. Undercover Primer, White
  • DecoArt Faux Glazing Medium
  • Environmental Technology Envirotex Lite® Pour-On Resin
  • Spoon blanks available through Diane Bunker or use thrift store or yard sale silver or silver plated spoon (not stainless steel)


  • Plastic cup
  • Plastic spoons, three
  • Plastic container for shoes
  • Dry rice
  • Cooking oil
  • Optional: DecoArt Triple Thick Gloss Glaze; dremel saw; metal file

Pattern - Fall Fairy Spoon Necklace

  • Artist's Tips
  • 1. Follow manufacturer's instructions to mix resin; very little resin is needed for spoons, so use as little mix as possible. Use plastic spoons to mix one spoonful from each bottle into plastic cup using separate spoons for equal measurement; stir well. (Note: Open time after mixing is about 10 minutes.) Stirring will create air bubbles; to remove bubbles, wait one to two minutes after pouring, then blow on bubbles through drinking straw or breath real hard as if cleaning glasses. Be sure to remove all air-bubbles before resins sets.
  • 2. Leveling and drying resin: Fill plastic shoe container lid with dry rice; place spoon on rice and level. Place container over lid to keep dust off while drying. Allow to dry several hours. To speed drying, set box out in sun for approximately 4 hours.
  • 3. Resin clean up: Sometimes resin will flow over spoon and cause rice to stick to underside of spoon. Use finger to apply a little cooking oil on rice avoiding contact with front of spoon; allow oil to set a few minutes then use sharp tool to carefully scrape off rice. Repeat same to remove resin drips. Wipe clean.
  • 4. For a quick version of this fairy, paint all items at once omitting resin applications. Then follow manufacturer's instructions to apply two to three Triple Thick Gloss Glaze coats, loading brush with lots of varnish for easier coverage. (Note: Do not pour glaze to fill spoon as it will not dry clear.) Let dry.
  • Preparation
  • 1. For best results, use a spoon that is easily bendable; simply bend handle back using gloved hands. Use dremel saw to cut handle 1" above spoon; sand with metal file. Wash and dry spoon thoroughly. Apply two coats Undercover Primer on bowl of spoon. Let dry. Slip-slap bowl with Evergreen and Yellow Green.
  • 2. Print out patterns. Refer to Painting Charts.
  • Leaf Wings
  • 1. Transfer #1 pattern lines. Base wings with brush mix of Yellow Green and Marigold. Use Burnt Sienna and Marigold to tint wings. Shade Burnt Sienna to separate wings. Use thinned Lamp Black to outline wings and to add vein lines. Base small leaves Yellow Green (see worksheet); tint tips Marigold and bottom of leaves Burnt Orange. Use thinned Lamp Black to outline wings, add vein lines, and to paint stems.
  • 2. Add first resin coat. Pour mix over painted spoon; swirl to cover all areas. (Note: If you poured too much resin, pour some back into cup. Remember this is first layer, you will have three more resin layers to add.) Blow out bubbles. Dry as instructed in Artist's Tips.
  • Dress
  • 1. Transfer #2 pattern lines. Base skin Base Flesh; shade Shading Flesh. Base dress with brush mix of Snow White and Buttermilk; do not over blend, opaque coverage is not needed. Stroke sleeve ruffles with same color mix.
  • 2. Apply second resin coat; blow out bubbles. Dry.
  • Head
  • 1. Transfer #3 pattern lines. Base face Base Flesh. (Note: Face details are added after next resin pour.) Use White to outline sleeve ruffles, to paint neckline bow, and to add dots on dress. Add some hair lines of Asphaltum and Lamp Black. (Note: More hair will be added after next resin pour.)
  • 2. For back of hair garland, stroke leaves with Yellow Green and Evergreen; lighten a bit with Buttermilk if needed. Use Snow White and touch of Marigold to add two, half daisies and some filler dip dot flowers. Dot center Burnt Orange.
  • 3. Apply third resin coat; bow out bubbles. Dry.
  • Face and Sunflowers
  • 1. Base face again with Base Flesh; shade Shading Flesh. Add a little glazing medium to face. Let dry. Transfer #4 pattern lines. Use mix of Lamp Black + Asphaltum to dot eyes. Add tiny Snow White highlight dots. Add a little more glazing medium; let dry. Paint mouth with mix of thinned Alizarin Crimson and Shading Flesh. Add Shading Flesh nose line. Float cheeks with Alizarin Crimson. Add more hair lines of Asphaltum and Lamp Black. Add front of hair garland in same manner as back adding whole daisies and some filler dip dot flowers.
  • 2. Base sunflower petals Marigold. Use Burnt Sienna to paint flower center and to shade petals. Add seven more Marigold petals; do not shade. Shade Lamp Black along bottom of flower center. Dip dot Yellow Green along top of flower center. Base stem and leaves Evergreen; overstroke leaves Yellow Green.
  • 3. Glue charm in place; let dry. Pour final resin coat; blow out bubbles. Dry.
  • Finishing
  • 1. Hang spoon from cord, silver chain, or handmade necklace of autumn seed beads.