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'Come Away' Vintage Charm Necklace

By  Cindy Forrester 

size: 18" long

  • Come Away Vintage Necklace
  • Pendant
  • Side View
  • Side View 2
  • Back View
  • Front View 2
  • Front View 3


  • Pendant glass, two: 1-1/2" square; 3/4" round
  • Copy of old photo (resized)
  • Freshwater pearls
  • Natural Peruvian opals
  • Vintage items: rhinestones from old brooch; religious medal; ladies watch (minus the band); crucifix
  • Brass metal ring
  • Sterling silver wire (for opals), 20-gauge
  • Wire (for pearls), 26-gauge
  • Copper foil tape, 1/4"
  • Sterling silver jump rings
  • Small starfish
  • Old text


  • Soldering iron and stand
  • Flux
  • Silver gleam solder
  • PVA paper glue
  • Flush cutters
  • Pliers: round-nose; chain-nose
  • Kool Jool
  • Antiquing Solution (Black Max)

Project Instructions

Note Use photo as guide throughout.


  • 1. For square pendant, glue old text to photo and sandwich between two pieces of glass. (Note: For back side, add old paper, lace or text to back of photo, if desired.)
  • 2. Wrap copper foil tape around glass edges, apply flux, and solder. Finish starfish pendant in same way, except place metal ring between glass to make room for starfish.
  • 3. Solder old rhinestones to front of square pendant, using Kool Jool to protect rhinestones from heat.
  • 4. Solder jump rings to top and bottom of both pendants for attachment.
  • 5. Use jump ring to attach religious medal to square pendant, then attach pendant using pliers and wire wrapping sterling silver wire.
  • 6. For one side of necklace, wire wrap on one side of each individual opal until desired length is achieved, and attach hook for closure. On opposite necklace side, wire wrap each individual pearl, attach starfish pendant, wire wrap more pearls, attach vintage watch, and more pearls to desired length, and several metal rings for hook clasp and on last one attach pearl and crucifix to hang down back.
  • 7. Apply antiquing solution.
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