Beading / Jewelry

Classy Collage Jewelry

By  Margot Potter 

  • Classy Collage Jewelry


  • Metal and glass frame, 1-1/2"
  • Beads: red faceted vintage German glass, 10mm (The Beadin’ Path), six; sterling silver and marcasite Thai tri-corner (Singjara Imports), six
  • Titanium Wire Lace (Alacarte Clasps), 2.5mm, 3" length
  • EZ Crimp sterling silver clasp (Beadalon)
  • 49-strand Wire (Beadalon), 0.018
  • Vintage image scanned, sized and printed to fit frame
  • Old book paper or other stamped or textured background paper


  • Tools (Beadalon): EZ Crimp Pliers or Mighty Crimp Tool; Chain-Nose Pliers; Wire Cutters
  • Zip Dry Paper Glue (Beacon Adhesives)
  • 1. Scan, size and print image to fit inside of frame. (Note: Designer used Photoshop and Microsoft Publisher. Her image is from a vintage French magazine and is copyright free.)
  • 2. Cut book page to fit inside frame and glue inside frame. Let dry.
  • 3. Cut image in silhouette and glue over background paper. Let dry.
  • 4. Cut out page number from vintage book and glue over image in bottom left corner.
  • 5. Use pliers to attach EZ Crimp around 19" section of 49 strand beading wire.
  • 6. Slide beads on wire in following pattern: red bead; black tube; marcasite bead; black tube; red bead; black tube; marcasite bead; black tube; red bead, continuing pattern until you reach sixth black tube.
  • 7. Slide on pendant.
  • 8. Continue beading in a mirror image of first slide.
  • 9. Thread wire into EZ Crimp and use chain-nose pliers to pull it flush to top of last bead. Secure clasp before crimping
  • 10. Use pliers or front rounded section of Mighty Crimp Tool to compress tube securely around wire.
  • 11. Cut excess wire flush to inside of EZ Crimp Tube.
  • 12. Cut off 3" section of wire lace and knot around front of pendant bail. Use fingers to flatten and widen ends of wire making a bow.
  • 13. For matching earrings, use red glass bead threaded on eye pin and looped at bottom and a ball tip headpin threaded with black tube and coiled at top. Make two and attach to French wires.
  • Tip
  • 1. You can find vintage books and ephemera at thrift shops, antique stores and flea markets. Dover Publications ( has a library of wonderful vintage images you can use permission-free.
  • More
  • 1. Instead of using magazine images, stamp desired motifs onto cardstock, and use colored pencils to color images.
  • 2. Incorporate fancy trims, such as lace, into collage for a different look.