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Button Flower Pillow

By  Linda Wyszynski 

size: 14" square

  • Button Flower Pillow


  • Charles Craft Cream 32-count Pure Irish Linen (DMC), 15"x15", two
  • White flannel, 15"x15"
  • Buttons: navy: 5/8”, 23; 3/8”, 23; grey: 5/8”, 10; 3/8”, 10; bright navy: 1/2”, 18; dark navy, 1/2”, 12; yellow (JHB International), 1-5/8”
  • Tapestry #12 Braid (Kreinik): Sapphire Hi Lustre (051)
  • Fine #8 Braid (Kreinik): Sunlight (9100)
  • Navy cord with lip, 3/16”, 1-5/8” yds.
  • Soft Touch Pillow Insert (Fairfield), 14”x14”


  • White tissue paper
  • Sewing thread: light blue; ecru
  • Sewing needles
  • Sewing machine
  • Straight pins
  • Iron and pressing board

Pattern - Button Flower Pillow

  • 1. With right side up, place 15"x15" linen square on top of 15"x15" flannel square and baste fabrics together using blue thread.
  • 2. Print out pattern. Trace circle/petal pattern onto piece of tissue paper. Trace four petals around circle, leaving an equal amount of space between petals to form flower. Center traced flower pattern onto right side of linen/flannel fabrics and pin in place. Work through the tissue paper and baste flower pattern onto linen using light blue sewing thread. Check back of fabrics to be sure basing stitches are going through both fabrics. (Note: It is not necessary to baste circle.)
  • 3. Use Sapphire Hi Lustre braid to sew yellow button to center of basted petals. For each button, sew through buttonholes twice. Sew a navy 1/2" button in center of large yellow button using Sapphire Hi Lustre braid.
  • 4. Use photo as guide to sew navy and grey buttons around each petal. Use smaller size buttons next to center and larger buttons along the outer curve of each petal. Use Sunlight braid to sew buttons in place on petals. Place buttonholes along basted line. For a slightly larger flower, place holes of button outside basted line. For a smaller flower, have holes on basted line or slightly inside the line.
  • 5. Use Sapphire Hi Lustre braid and straight stitch to place highlight stitches in center area of each petal. The center highlight stitch is approximately 1-1/2" long; side stitches are approximately 1"; these lines do not have to be the same size in each petal.
  • 6. (Note: Use a 1/2" seam allowance.) Place cording and front piece of linen with right sides together. Pin cording along edge of front piece with cord pointing toward center. Keep edge of lip along fabric edge to ensure a 1/2" seam allowance. Cross ends of cording near a bottom corner of pillow front. Baste in place. Machine sew cording in place with ecru thread. Remove basting. Pin back of pillow right sides together to the front piece. (Note: Cording is between front and back pieces.) Stitch seam using first stitching line as your guide. Leave a 7" to 8' opening on bottom edge of pillow to slide in pillow insert. (Note: It may be possible to stitch even closer to cording than first stitching line.) Trim and clip seam allowance as needed and turn pillow right side out. Insert pillow form; slipstitch bottom edge closed.