Beading / Jewelry

Bouquet Hair Pins

By  Amanda Russell 



  • Silver bobby pins (
  • Silver Tone Snap Clip (
  • Assorted buttons in graduating sizes
  • Beads (The Beadin' Path): Mother of Pearl Flat Discs, 6mm: Orange; Pink; Glass: Lime Green Seed; Orange Cubes; Freshwater Pearls, 6mm; White Pearlized Vintage Snowflake
  • 6-strand Embroidery Floss (DMC)


  • Embroidery or sewing needle
  • Amazing E6000 Industrial-Strength Adhesive (Eclectic Products)
  • 1. Choose bead and button colors and assemble layers as desired. (Note: Place largest button on bottom, then smaller button, either 6mm mother of pearl disc bead or white snowflake and seed bead, cube bead or small freshwater pearl bead on top.)
  • 2. Use two strands of floss to sew button and bead layers together. Insert needle through all four layers from the bottom, leaving a tail for a knot. With fourth and final layer strung on floss, begin sewing down through third bead, then remaining two button layers. When sewing through last two button layers, place needle in exact opposite hole from hole previously sewn through for symmetry in design. Tightly pull both ends of floss. To reinforce hold, sew through two buttons again in same way. Tighten again by pulling ends.
  • 3. Apply small amount of glue to back of flower and pin or snap clip end. Press flower to pin or snap clip to secure. Let dry for 24 hours.