Beading / Jewelry

Beaded Scarf Jewelry

By  Terri Ricioli 

size: scarf, 6"x64"; jewelry 15-1/2"

  • Beaded Scarf Jewelry
  • Scarf Knotted
  • Scarf Tied to the Side


  • Class Act Designs Handmade Mango Hand-dyed Silk Scarf, 6”x64”
  • TierraCast Antique Copper-Plated Pewter: Radiant Rings, 32mm, three; Twist Heishi Spacers, 6mm, 11, 4mm, eight
  • Glass beads: clear burnt orange, 12mm, five; opaque burnt orange, 12mm, four; copper-foiled, four; bright copper seed, 6/0, four; red coral, 8mm, nine
  • Pressed glass shapes: peach butterfly, 12x15mm; topaz top-drilled leaves, 20x33mm, two; orange leaf, 14x15mm; topaz leaf, 14x15mm
  • Antique copper findings: jump rings, 8mm, 13; crimp beads, two; headpins, 2”, four
  • Wire: copper, 22-gauge, 12”; copper beading wire, 14”
  • Antique copper open-link cable chain, 13” length


  • Pliers: crimping, round-nose; chain-nose, two pairs
  • Wire cutters

Basic Supplies

  • scissors, ruler
  • 1. Attach jump ring to pewter ring. Crimp one end of beading wire to jump ring; string on 4mm spacer and coral bead three times. Add 4mm spacer. String beads as follows: clear burnt orange, 6mm spacer, opaque burnt orange, 6mm spacer, copper-foiled, 6mm spacer, clear burnt orange, 6mm spacer, opaque burnt orange, 6mm spacer, copper-foiled. (Note: Copper-foiled bead is center bead of strand.) Repeat sequence in reverse for other side of strand.
  • 2. Separate two 5" chain lengths; attach each piece to pewter ring in Step 1 strand with jump ring. Attach chain ends to remaining pewter ring with jump rings.
  • 3. Cut three 4" copper wire lengths. Slide one wire through large glass leaf; make wrapped loop. Continuing on same wire, string seed bead, coral bead, and seed bead; close with wrapped loop. Repeat for second large glass leaf. Attach one leaf component to ½" length of chain with jump ring; attach to center ring with jump ring. Attach second leaf to ring with jump ring. Form wrapped loop with remaining wire; string on clear orange bead and make wrapped loop.
  • 4. Slide each remaining pressed glass shape onto headpin; close with wrapped loop.
  • 5. Attach orange leaf to 1" chain length with jump ring. Pick up chain end and topaz leaf loop using another jump ring; attach to center ring next to large leaf chain dangle.
  • 6. Slide copper-foiled bead, 6mm spacer, and coral bead onto headpin; close with wrapped loop. Attach component to center ring with jump ring beside last dangle. Attach two chain links to one end of orange bead component from Step 3; attach to center ring on short leaf dangle side with jump ring. Attach butterfly to bottom of this dangle with single chain link.
  • Tip
  • 1. Open and close chain links as you would jump rings, using two pairs of chain- or flat-nose pliers.