Beading / Jewelry

Beach Glass Blooms

By  Heidi Boyd 

size: 7" tall

  • Beach Glass Blooms


  • Smooth, flat-bottomed rock, 5”
  • Black annealed wire, 18-gauge
  • Assorted sea glass


  • Wire cutters
  • Needle-nose pliers
  • Thin work gloves

Basic Supplies

  • ruler or measuring tape
  • 1. Measure 20" length of wire for leaf and stem. (Note: Keep wire on spool when designing and wrapping bloom.) Wrap next portion of wire around center top of flat-bottomed rock. Bring wire ends together under rock; twist together. Position twisted portion of rock in indentation so rock sits flat.
  • 2. Bring both wire ends (one connected and remaining straight length) around opposite sides of rock. Twist wire ends together at center top of rock. Grasp wires with pliers to tighten twist, securing rock in wire.
  • 3. For stem, position both wire lengths in one hand; twist together forming straight length. Use needle-nose pliers to bend unconnected wire 2-1/2" from twisted stem, creating leaf shape. Bend wire, forming other half of leaf. Bring wire ends together, twisting around other half of stem.
  • 4. Stack sea glass in one hand while wrapping connected wire around stack with other hand. Create multiple wraps switching directions as if winding skein of yarn. (Note: The wire should form a 1-1/4" ball with sea glass in center.)
  • 5. For petals, bend 2"-long loops along connected wire, twisting at base of each petal. Continue process, forming seven total petals, spacing each 1/4" apart. Wrap connected petals around base of stacked sea glass. Twist wire ends together and trim ends. Adjust flower as needed to stand upright.