Beading / Jewelry

Autumn Blooms Necklace

By  Mylene Hillam 

size: 19-1/4" long



  • Czech pressed glass leaves (top drilled): 11 transparent amber, six transparent red luster, six transparent blue luster
  • Brown transparent pressed glass flower
  • Filigree brass flower stampings, five 1-1/4”
  • Brass findings: 18 4mm jump rings, three triangle jump rings, two 8mm jump rings, parrot clasp
  • Brass wire, 28-gauge
  • Brass curb chain, 5mmx3mm: 34” length


  • Flat-nose pliers
  • Flush cutters

Basic Supplies

  • ruler
  • 1. Cut 4" length of wire and thread on five amber leaves. Position leaves in center of wire and pass wire back through first bead to form circle; pull wire tightly. Pass wire through all leaves second time and then through first leaf third time. Trim both ends of wire close to bead, taking care not to cut circle. Create three additional flowers using blue, red, and amber leaves. Set aside second amber flower.
  • 2. Use jump ring to connect one brass filigree flower to wire circle of amber flower. Count along two petals of amber flower and connect to another brass filigree flower. Count along to third petal of filigree and connect to blue flower. Continue in this fashion connecting filigree, red flower, and another filigree.
  • 3. Cut 2" length of wire and thread on brown pressed flower bead. Position flower bead in center of remaining amber flower and thread ends of wire through fifth filigree flower. Twist ends tightly together several times and tuck tail through to front of filigree so that ends are hidden under amber flower. Trim ends with flush cutters.
  • 4. Continue to connect two top petals of filigree to bottom petals of two central filigrees using jump rings.
  • 5. Cut chain into following lengths: two 6-1/4", two 6-3/8", and one 8-1/4". Connect one 6-1/4" chain length to end filigree flower using jump ring. Connect one 6-3/8" chain length to petal below filigree flower. Connect other end of two chain lengths to jump ring. Repeat for other side of necklace. Attach clasp on one end of double chains and 8mm jump ring on other end.
  • 6. Position three remaining glass leaves on triangle jump rings. Connect 8-1/4" chain to two end filigrees. Use remaining 8mm jump ring to connect center of chain to center of bottom filigree. Before closing, add blue leaf.
  • 7. Connect center of each chain length to bottom of two central filigrees. Add amber leaf and red leaf before closing jump rings.