Beading / Jewelry

Poppy Garland Necklace

By  Myléne Hillam 

size: 20" length



  • Sof-Suede Kiwi lace, 3/32”-wide, 36” length
  • Lime waxed-cotton cord, 24” length
  • Silver large-hole bead, 5x7mm
  • Square glass donut beads: black, three; two each: orange, green
  • Orange ceramic flower
  • Copper wire, 20-gauge, 6” length
  • Crystals: Olivine: bicone, 4mm, 11; Fire Opal: round, 8mm, four; round, 6mm, four; bicone, 4mm, one; Light Topaz: round, 8mm, three; round, 6mm, two; bicone, 4mm, one
  • Silver leaf charms, six
  • Silver findings: ball head pins, 26; 4mm jump rings, eight; 6mm jump rings, six; spring cord ends, two; clasp of choice


  • Chain-nose pliers, flat-nose pliers, flush cutters
  • Bead stoppers
  • 1. Thread silver bead on suede leather and move it to center of lace. Fold lace in half and thread both ends through black donut and then ceramic flower.
  • 2. Create wrapped loop at end of piece of copper wire; bend wire at 90° angle right below wrap. Coil wire several times around leather lace at back of ceramic flower to create bendable bail which will allow flower to be adjusted to sit flat when worn. See Photos 1-5.

    Photo 1

    Photo 2

    Photo 3

    Photo 4

    Photo 5
  • 3. Thread 9" of black striped glass beads on cotton cord, then copper bail of flower, followed by 9" of glass beads. Use bead stoppers to keep beads from falling off cord.
  • 4. On one end of suede lace, thread orange square donut and position it approximately 3" from bail. Measure 1-3/4" from center of glass bead strand and separate beads. Wrap lace around cotton cord and back through glass donut. (Note: This will create a loop in the suede lace.) See Photo 6. Measure along another 3" on suede lace and thread on black donut bead. Measure along 1-3/4" on glass beads; separate beads and wrap lace around cord as before. Repeat step adding green donut. Complete other side of necklace to match. Trim cords to desired length. Place cord ends into spring cord end; secure with pliers.

    Photo 6
  • 5. Create wrapped loops on all crystals. Attach 4mm jump ring to all leaves. Attach 6mm jump ring through loop created at each donut; attach assortment of crystals and charms.
  • 6. Use jump rings to attach clasp to cord ends and add additional beads.