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Five-Strand Sapphire Bracelet

By  Lynda Musante 

Deep-blue sapphire beads make up this bracelet, perfect for formal events or casual nights out on the town.

  • Five-Strand Sapphire Bracelet
  • Vertical View


  • Toggle bar and clasp
  • Tigertail stringing kit
  • Sapphire small bead assortment, 3 pkgs.
  • Silver-tone beads, 4mm, 1 pkg.
  • Blue faceted beads, 10mm, 1 pkg.
  • Diamond-shaped metal beads, 1 pkg.
  • Five-hole spacer bars, four


  • Chain-nose pliers
  • Bead-design board or terry cloth towel

Basic Supplies

  • wire cutter
  • 1. Use wire cutter to cut five 12" lengths from Tigertail.
  • 2. Insert one length though center hole of one spacer bar. Add 1" of various size/style beads to left side. Insert left end through second spacer bar. Add 1" of beads in same way. Add an additional 1" of beads, a crimp bead, then one end of clasp. Insert end back through crimp bead.
  • 3. Slide crimp bead up to clasp, leaving 1/8" gap. (Note: Be sure only 1/2" of end extends from crimp bead.) Squeeze crimp bead flat. Insert end into last bead added and trim excess. Repeat steps to finish right side; attach other end of clasp.
  • 4. Repeat above steps for remaining four strands, aligning each through its own hole in spacer bars and mixing bead styles and shapes as desired.