Beading / Jewelry

Enameled Autumn Sunset Necklace & Earrings

By  Keri Lee Sereika 

sizes: necklace, 26"; earrings, 2"

  • Enameled Autumn Sunset Necklace & Earrings


  • Painting with Fire Artwear iron beads: arabesque filigree, 18mm, three; pierced temple filigree, 14mm, two
  • Connie Crystal beads: AB round, 10mm, five; clear round, 6mm, two
  • Bead Landing Antique Brass Chain, 24” length
  • Antique brass findings: small connector links, two; eye pins, eight; bead caps, two; ear wires, two; headpins, two


  • Painting with Fire Artwear: Hot Head Torch, Bead Pulling Station, Vermiculite, Steel Mandrel; Alundum Stones, 150 and 220 grit
  • Beadalon: Designer Ergo cutter, chain-nose pliers, round-nose pliers
  • Painting with Fire Artwear Thompson Enamels: Opaque: Foundation White, Marigold, Flame Red; Transparent: Egg Yellow, Mandarin Orange, Sunset Orange
  • MAAP Gas

Basic Supplies

  • safety glasses, torch lighter, aluminum bread pan, glass jar with cold water
  • Necklace
  • 1. Begin by enameling all iron filigree beads of both sizes. To enamel, place bead on mandrel and rotate in flame of torch until bead begins to glow. Quickly roll bead into base of enamel. If working with transparent color, begin by building base of white enamel.
  • 2. Reheat bead in flame until it glows again; repeat with second layer of base enamel. Use bead pulling station to pull bead toward end of mandrel while base layer of enamel is still hot.
  • 3. Heat bead for third time, then dredge bead in color of choice. Heat again and repeat with transparent color until desired color is achieved. Use bead pulling station to pull bead into bread pan filled with vermiculite to cool slowly. Heat empty mandrel and dip in jar of water to remove any excess enamel that built up during process.
  • 4. Repeat steps 1-3 on remaining beads, switching colors to create variety of enameled beads. Once beads have fully cooled, use alundum stones to remove excess enamels from top of beads to make beads smooth.
  • 5. Insert eye pin through three large enameled beads and five crystal beads. Use chain-nose pliers, wire cutters, and round-nose pliers to turn loop at straight end of eye pin.
  • 6. Assemble necklace using chain-nose pliers twisting open end of eye pin and connecting through loops of chain, connector links, or other eye pins.
  • Earrings
  • 1. Thread one 6mm crystal, one smaller enameled bead, and brass bead cap onto headpin. Bend top of headpin and trim to approximately 1/2". Use chain-nose pliers to turn loop at top of head pin.
  • 2. Open loop at top of eye pin and attach to ear wire.
  • 3. Repeat steps to create second earring.