Beading / Jewelry

Butterfly Garland

By  Terry Ricioli 

  • Butterfly Garland


  • Recycled plastic lids (Designer used lids from margarine tubs, drink mixes, canned nuts, etc.)
  • Plastic-coated wire, 4’
  • Pony beads, in neon colors, 100
  • Cording, 10’
  • Cardstock, scraps

Basic Supplies

  • scissors, ruler, black marker

Pattern - Butterfly Garland

  • 1. Print and cut out patterns. Trace patterns from cardstock to use as templates.
  • 2. Wash and dry plastic lids. Use black marker to trace butterflies on plastic lids. Cut butterflies from plastic lids.
  • 3. For each small butterfly, measure and cut 8" wire length. For each large butterfly, measure and cut 10" wire length.
  • 4. Fold wire length in half. Position fold at bottom of each butterfly. On front half, add pony beads in desired pattern. Twist wire ends at top of body. For antennae, curl remaining wire ends into spiral.
  • 5. To hang, cut cording into three lengths. Tie knot on one end. String seven beads, tie knot, string small butterfly, add seven more beads, tie knot, string small butterfly, tie knot. Then, add 14 beads, tie knot, string large butterfly, tie knot, string 14 beads, tie knot. Then, string small butterfly, seven beads, tie knot, string small butterfly, tie knot, seven beads. Tie knot.