Learn How to Knit

How to Knit

  • Cast on. Measure a strand of yarn (about 1" per stitch) for number of stitches you will be casting on. For practice, measure a 20" length of yarn to cast on 20 stitches. Make a slip loop in yarn and place on needle; tighten gently (Fig. 1). With right hand, hold needle with slip loop. Insert left thumb and forefinger between yarn tails (Fig. 2). Working from front to back, insert right needle under yarn on thumb (Fig. 3). Bring needle over yarn on forefinger and through both strands of yarn on thumb. Drop yarn from thumb and pull strand gently to tighten stitch. (Don't tighten too much; stitch should move easily along needle.) You have just cast on one stitch. Repeat for 19 stitches to practice.