Sewing on Paper

Paper Stitching Tips

  • Using brightly-colored thread and decorative stitches, you can add borders and other designs to paper projects with a regular sewing machine. Here are some things to keep in mind when experimenting with this exciting technique:
  • Use cardstock or heavy paper for starters. Move on to more delicate papers after you're more comfortable with the technique.
  • Practice first, without the thread. Sketch lines and shapes on paper and practice moving along them to get used to the feel of sewing on paper instead of fabric.
  • Begin slowly, and sew slowly. No need to rush.
  • Use a small, sharp needle, such as a size 9.
  • Loosen tension slightly and use long stitches.
  • Do not anchor or knot thread. Instead, leave a long length and tape at back, or simply cut and leave as is. Stitching will not unravel easily.
  • Try using metallic or other decorative threads