Marker Blending Techniques

An introduction to a blending coloring technique using Tombow's blending palette, Dual Brush Pens and the Colorless Marker.
By  Marie Browning for Tombow 


  • Canson’s Mix Media Paper, 8.5"x11"
  • Black square card blank


  • Tombow Blending Kit, includes Palette, Colorless Blender Marker and Mister 
  • Tombow Dual Brush Pens: 526, 452, 451, 856, 905, 899, 977
  • White gel pen 
  • MONO Dots Adhesive 


  • Salt 
  • Paper towels 

Print out images

Fall Birds Card Print Out

Fall Birds Card Print Out

Save and print images with a laser printer onto a heavy paper. Always test markers on the image to make sure printed ink does not run.

Splash Background

Splash Background marker blending

For background, use 452 Process Blue to cover the entire blending palette with color. Fill mister with water and spritz a fair amount of water onto the palette. Turn palette over and place onto image to create background. Sponge off the color on birds with a paper towel to keep clear. While color is still wet, sprinkle on salt for a mottled effect. Let dry and brush off excess salt 

Basic Blending

basic marker blending

Place colors 526 True Blue, 856 Chinese Red, 899 Redwood, 977 Saddle Brown and 905 Red onto the blending palette. Pick up color with tip of the colorless blender, much like picking up color from a palette with a paintbrush.

Start to color darkest shades and keep coloring until there is no more color. This results in a perfect blend from dark to light as the marker runs out of color.

Color bird's head, wings and tail True Blue. Color breast Chinese Red. Color tips of wings, tail, beak, feet and bottom of body Redwood. Color branch Saddle Brown. 

Detail Blending

Detail Blending Marker Technique

Use the fine tip of the blender pen to create colored strokes as shown.

For the body details, pick up Redwood from the palette with the blender's fine tip. Draw in the detail strokes following the black strokes on the design. This helps to blend the colors together and give the bird more interest. 

Adding Snowflakes

Snowflake background marker blending technique

This step is optional but adds a beautiful pattern to your finished piece. Make sure your surface is completely dry and add a simple star pattern with the white gel pen, the 451 Sky Blue and 452 Process Blue pens.

With the brush tip of the 452 Process Blue marker, trace around inside edge of the border. Trim and mount your card with MONO Dots Adhesive onto a black square card blank.  


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