Brush Lettering with Tombow

An introduction to a simple printed alphabet and how adding fun flourishes make your lettering amazing! Tombow’s new Beginner Lettering Set has everything you need to get you started with creating these exciting letters.
By  Marie Browning for Tombow  


Cardstock tags



Tombow Beginner Lettering Kit: 

Dual Brush Pen: N15 Black, N75 Cool Gray

4H Mono Drawing Pencil

Mono Twin Permanent Marker

Fudenosuke Hard Tip

Mono Eraser

Mono Permanent Adhesive 

Basic supplies

Hole punch


Use the simple alphabet shown below to get you started or create your own. Simple changes to letters such as adding a curl, elongating a stroke or changing the position of a cross stroke can dramatically change your printing. Use fine tip of the Dual Brush Pen or the thick tip of the Mono twin marker for this whimsical alphabet. 


Draw simple embellishments such as the sparkle or a leaf shown below using the Fudenosuke Hard Tip pen. The flexible tip allows you to draw very thin to thick lines for a pleasant variation in your drawing.

brush lettering embellishments



The gray Dual Brush Pen is perfect for adding a shadow to your lettering. Using the brush tip, add the shadow close to the letters or mirror the letters slightly away for a ‘pop off the page’ effect.

brush lettering shadows   

Drawing curved base lines

With the 4H Drawing Pencil, create curved based lines for your letters. Keep the letters, upper or lower case or mixed, within these lines to create movement and direction to your words. Erase the pencil lines when finished.

brush lettering curved base lines  


This simple step really can add dimension and interest to your words. Use the thick tip of the Mono Twin to draw your letters, then turn it around and use the fine tip to outline.

  brush lettering outlines

Bounce the letters

Bouncing the letters, or having the letters go above or below the base line adds a wonderful whimsy to the composition or your words. Don’t bounce too much as to make the word hard to read!

brush lettering bouncing the letters   


Practice lettering on scraps of cardstock and make a supply of tags to add to gifts. The best paper to use is lighter in color and with a simple, non-busy design. Add lettering and border panel with markers. Fold 2x3 panel in half and adhere to tag with permanent adhesive. Punch a hole and add cording to finish.