Wall Stencils

If you’d like the idea of a patterned wall but don’t want to deal with the hassle of wallpaper, you might want to consider stencils.
By  Maureen Wilson for Grafix  


Grafix Frisket Film


Sakura Silver Metallic Pentouch Marker

Silouette Cameo Electronic Cutter

X-Acto Knife 


Cutting mat

*Tip: You can create any pattern using clear, self-adhesive Frisket Film. This is a thin masking film that can be reused several times. Some stencils are simple to create with an X-acto knife and cutting mat— for example, triangles, clouds, plus signs, etc. For something more complex, like bicycles or doilies, use an electronic cutter.

1. Use Silhouette Cameo to create stencils of choice. Change paper type to clear sticker paper, and adjust the blade accordingly. Before cutting, make sure the mat is sufficiently sticky. If mat is not sticky enough use spray-basting adhesive, be careful not to spray margins of the mat. 

2. Once stencil is cut, double-check cuts to make sure film is removed. Gently peel off a section of backing paper and adhere section of film to the wall. Slowly peel off remainder of paper, adhering to the wall as you go.

3. Use silver metallic paint marker to paint wall through the stencil. Using a pen instead of a paintbrush is much easier; you have better control over the application, no paint drips and dries much faster.

4. Let paint dry for a minute and gently peel stencil off the wall using two hands. To re-use, reposition stencil firmly to the wall and paint again. Unlike plastic stencils, Frisket Film stencils are flexible and can go around corners.

5. If paint pen seems like it might be drying out, press nib down on a piece of scratch paper and the ink will flow again.