Glass Bottle Cutting

Before You Begin

  • Read and carefully following the instructions contained within this manual. If you do, you will have success in scoring and separating nearly any round bottle or jar! Your kit should contain (1) bottle cutter, (1) tapper, (1 each) 60 and 120 grit emery paper, (1) instruction booklet.
  • After unpacking all components, assemble the Generation Green (g2) bottle cutter on a firm level surface.
  • Always wear safety goggles when using glass crafting tools. Everyday eyeglasses do not have impact resistant lenses.
  • Kit contains small parts, keep out of reach of children.
  • To ensure top performance keep your bottle cutter blade oiled.



1: Loosen both wing nuts on part D and slide it onto the shaft of part E.
2: Slide part A into part D.
3: Tighten wing nuts to secure in place.
4: Loosen the wing nuts at the base of part E.
5: Slide cutter underneath screw head into the slot closest to the cutting head.
6: Tighten wing nut to lock cutter in place.
7: Tighten wing nut to lock cutter in place.
8: Slide the locking washer onto the screw with the teeth facing down.
9: Slide part B onto the screw so that it rests on top of the locking washer. The shortest end part B should be parallel to the cutter handle.
10: Replace washer, wing nut and tighten.


  • The glass cutter wheel must be oiled with A SMALL AMOUNT OF any light oil. This is essential to insure a good score. Re-oil wheel every 2 or 3 cuts. The oil is necessary for proper cutting action.


Clean Glass

  • Remove all labels. Remove dirt and glue residue using a glass cleaner or a mixture of vinegar and water before cutting. Dirt or glue residue will dull the glass cutter and prevent a good score.


Adjusting Cutter To Bottle

  • Place the Generation Green (g2) bottle cutter cone into the neck of the bottle, loosen the wing nuts on part D. Slide the glass cutter wheel along part A until it rests against the bottle. Next, slide part E up or down to the height desired – the glass cutter should be at a 90° angle to the glass. Tighten the double wing nuts (part D) to secure in place.


Correct Bottle Cutter Positioning

  • If the built-in adjustments are not sufficient to allow you to cut at 90° to the glass surface – loosen the small bolt holding the glass cutter and inset a match stick (or a similar shimming item) between the cutter and the base of part E, as shown in drawing below.
  • For cuts on the body of the bottle where the sides are straight; the cutting wheel must be perpendicular (90° angle) to the side of the bottle. The shaft holding the glass cutter (part E) should be lined up vertically to the bottle.
  • This angle is regulated by the adjustment of the 7" bar (part B).
  • To make this adjustment, place the bottle cutter into the bottle so the glass cutter handle is pointed directly at you, as seen in drawing. Place your hands on the cutter as shown in drawing. While in this position, the glass cutter arm must be exactly at a 90° angle to the bottle. You may be sure it is vertical if it lines up with the seam of the bottle.


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