Bottle Cutting Q&As


Q: I can't seem to get all the glue residue from my bottle, does this really matter?: 

A: Yes! Any amount of dirt or residue on the glass may interfere with a proper separation. There can NOT be any residue on the sides of the bottle what-so-ever. To remove any remaining residue, take a cloth with rubbing alcohol and wipe over the surface of the bottle before beginning.

Q: How can I be sure my bottle cutter is lined up correctly with the bottle?: 

A: Part E of your cutter has to be parallel and vertical to the side of the bottle. You may be sure it is vertical if it lines up with the seam in the bottle or is in line with vertical side of a doorway or use a book. Place the book flat on the table and line the bottle cutter up with the spine. Swing the 7" bar (the one with the company name on it) against the bottle and tighten down.

Q: How do I know if I am using the right amount of pressure to get a good score?: 

A: If your score looks like salt on the surface of your bottle you are applying too much pressure. LIGHTLY apply pressure to the cutter. A light score should be audible and sound like a scratching noise.

Q: When I put my bottle in the hot and cold water bath, my score either runs up or down?: 

A: This could be caused by a skip in your score. When you are finished scoring your bottle, it's time to inspect your score. Hold the bottle up to a light source and check the score to make sure there are not "skips" or breaks in the line. If there are, simply place the bottle cutter back into the neck of the bottle and go over ONLY the skipped area in the score.

Q: I can't get a good separation?: 

A: I always suggest practicing on beer bottles first, as they usually have thinner glass walls and are easier to score and separate. Once you've got the feel for the bottle cutter and the pressure needed to score a bottle, then move to other bottles and jars. Make sure you check the manual to verify your hand position is correct. The palm of your hand must be open. A closed palm will cause you to grip the cutter like pliers, which will knock it out of position and give you a bad score.

Q: How hot and cold do the baths need to be?: 

A: I usually put a pasta pot of water on the stove and let it come to a boil, and then reduce to medium heat. Next to it I have another container, large enough for the bottle to fit. I fill this 1/2 full of ice and then add cold water until it is 3/4 full. Dip the bottle into the hot water and count to 5, then in the cold for a count of 5. You may have to do this several times before it separates.

Q: Why can't I seem to tighten my screws on my new Generation Green bottle cutter?: 

A: You may have to reposition the tiny washers into their proper place. If you look closely at the photographs in the manual, you will see the tiny washers are located on the same side as the wing nut. A good example of this positioning can be found on page 3, FIG. 10. In this position, your screws will stay nice and tight allowing for a good score. You might also find this video helpful on how to assemble your G2 Bottle Cutter.

Q: Are there any other tips you can suggest for a good score and break?: 

  • • Keep your cutter blade oiled.
  • • Keep your bottle clean.
  • • Too deep of a score will cause you bottle to splinter. So use light pressure when scoring your bottle.
  • • Check your washers! The tiny washer that come with your G2 should be positioned on the same side as the wing-nuts.


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