Needle Felting Tips

by Mary Ayres

1: Place felt (or base material for design) on felting needle mat. Pull off a small piece of wool roving. Twist strands slightly so edges are smooth and place on felt on mat around edge of area that is to be covered. Fill area with additional wool roving as needed and punch with needle tool until shape lies flat. To finish design, continue following same procedure using different wool roving colors.
2: To needle felt an intricate design, copy pattern on paper. Cut out one or more shapes from the paper pattern. Tape pattern to felt (or base material for design) on felting needle mat. Work wool roving in cut-out areas of pattern. Continue cutting out and filling in shapes from pattern until entire design has been needle felted.
3: To shade an area, first fill in entire area with the main color of wool roving. Then place a very small amount of another color on an area of the shape and punch with needle tool.
4: If you are unhappy with the placement of the wool roving on the design and wish to change it, pull that section out very carefully and work that area again.

Tips for Needle Felting on STYROFOAM

  • Needle felting is quick and easy. It requires a special felting needle that has extremely sharp barbs along the needle. The higher the needle number, the finer the needle, which leaves a smaller hole in the design.
  • Place wool roving onto STYROFOAM®. When needle is pushed into STYROFOAM®, the barbs pull the wool roving locking them together in place. As a result, no glue is needed.