Teacher Door Decorations

Teacher appreciation week begins Monday, May 1! Many schools celebrate their wonderful teachers by organizing door decorating. This year, I was in charge of the project for my daughter’s Kindergarten classroom. The decorations stay up for the entire month of May, so I needed to put together something fabulous! 

I spent way too much time perusing all of the creative doors on Pinterest, and went back and forth with a few favorites before settling on one. The class theme for the year is “mon-stars,” so I ultimately decided to take the stars idea and run with a “You’re out of this world” door. (Creating a Minion door with “You’re one in a Minion” was a close second, though!)

I used the Richmond Alphabet Stencils by Plaid cut from yellow poster board. This took some time, but the letters look so nice! You could always buy stickers or print letters online if you don’t have stencils on hand. 

Next, I made a rocket by cutting a rectangle, triangle, two curved and two circles from construction paper and gluing on pipe cleaner flames at the bottom. Easy peasy! (Also, check out the pattern here if you need one to trace.) 

Earth was made by cutting a circle from a cereal box and painting it Cayman Blue. I printed off North and South America outlines and traced those on green construction paper for the land. 

I found black wrapping paper on Amazon (one giant roll for $10, which was the only item I had to buy for this project). I measured the door, cut the wrapping paper and laid everything out at home to figure out placement and spacing. I also added the kids' school photos in the stars and the teachers' photos in the rocket — my daughter got a kick out of that! 

This was a bit time consuming but totally worth it to see the smile on the teachers' faces. They do so much, it's the least we can do in return.

My daughter assisted me in hanging the finished piece and was beaming that she was able to help out with something for her teachers. 

My son's class also had a neat door. Love the super hero theme! 


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