Michaels Custom Framing

I recently used Michaels’ custom framing for a Christmas gift this year. I hadn’t used their services before so I wanted to share my experience with you. I hope it's useful!

First, come in with a loose plan of what you want. It doesn’t need to be exact. In this case, I had four ticket stubs and a newspaper from the Chicago Cubs’ World Series Game 7 victory that I wanted to preserve for a dear friend (a lifelong Cubbies fan).

Cubs World Series Tickets &  Newspaper for Framing

I chose four tickets because I wanted to shape them into a W. (There is no need to cut newspaper clippings out beforehand; let their computers take care of that to get a precise cut.)

Memorabilia Custom Framing at Michael's

I told the Certified Framing Expert;my vision; we laid out the elements and he helped me decide on placement. Once we had that figured out, he took a picture of the items and got to work on the computer, all while I watched him put together the layout.

Because he has framed A LOT of Chicago memorabilia;this season, he knew the perfect shades of red and Cubby blue for the mats. He recommended a white background to make the tickets stand out, and he also suggested the white “v” groove rectangle to encase all of the elements. Since the three sections are different widths, he said the rectangle will make it all look cohesive.

Custom Framing Layout at Michael's

Once I was satisfied with the layout, he showed me how it would look in certain rooms of the house so I could get a feel of how large it is. We even saw how it would look in a bathroom. Pretty neat!

Custom Frame in Entryway


I’m sure you’re aware that custom framing isn’t cheap. For my particular project, the all-wood frame was 60% off yet it was more than $200 for an approximately 23”x27” final piece. You could choose a different frame or smaller mats to keep the costs down. Note that I was unable to use the Michael’s 25% off coupon that appeared in my inbox that day on top of the 60% off deal. Darn! But I did get to view the damage in a pretty framed computer screen, so that made it a little bit more bearable.

Custom Fancy Frame at Michael's


Hanging hardware is installed on the back of each custom frame — the size and weight of the item is taken into account so you can be sure the piece will be secure on your wall.


Michaels can turn around your project in two weeks, or one week if you want to pay about $50 extra. (The elements are shipped elsewhere for cutting, and everything comes back to the store for assembly and framing.) You'll receive a call when it's ready for pick up (they do not ship custom frames; you must go back to the store for pick up).

That's it! I am so excited to see the finished product and I can't wait to give it to my friend. Have you had anything custom framed from Michaels or elsewhere? Share with us your tips and advice in the comments below!

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