Easy Holiday Kids Crafts

The kids came home from school today super excited for Christmas break and with LOTS of goodies in their backpacks! Hard to believe the two-week break is already here, but I suppose it will all be over before we know it.

I wanted to share the cute crafts they made during their holiday parties today. They are all really quick and involve minimal supplies. The ornaments would make fun gifts for grandparents, aunts, uncles, babysitters, etc. Tie them to a bag of cookies for a thoughtful gift.

Beaded Candy Cane Ornaments

Pipe cleaners and red and white beads. Great for honing those fine motor skills, too.

A Tree For Your Tree

Three large wooden sticks painted green and embellishments of choice. Make a triangle, adhere the ends, tie a red string, and add to the tree. 

Merry & Bright Mini Canvas

How sweet is this? Dip fingers into paints to preserve their little fingertips into the cutest string of lights ever! 

Reindeer Crown

My daughter paraded around the house beaming with this crown atop her head. Have the kids trace their hands on brown construction paper for the antlers. Make a crown out of the brown paper and staple together. Adhere a red pom pom, wiggle eyes, and the antlers. That's it! 

Magic Reindeer Food

We leave out milk and cookies for Santa, but what about the reindeer? This was made with Cheerios and oatmeal, but any cereal or snack mixture will do. On Christmas Eve, sprinkle the treats on your front lawn for the reindeer to enjoy on their stop to your house. 

Cookie Decorating

While the frosting might not be the smoothest, the buttons not aligned, and there’s a random eye on the foot, who can resist cookies decorated by the littlest bakers?! 


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