DIY Message Center

This year, I have two little ones in the school system, so that means double the fun and double the papers! September brought lunch menus, new schedules, Kindergarten sight words, lots of save the dates and more. I had to do something to keep it all together! Since it's the new year and you may be in need of ways to get organized at home (it's never too late!), I wanted to share. 

I began searching online for paper storage solutions, and wasn’t seeing what I had in mind, and they weren't so cheap! I didn't want to pay a lot for something that might not fit my needs, but guess what? It’s pretty easy to make your own out of an old cereal box covered in cute scrapbook paper. A coworker had sent me a link to a cool organizer made from cork sheets, so with that inspiration and my cereal-box-turned-paper-storage containers, I decided to make my own family message center. 

Here's what I used to make the boxes: spray adhesive, scrapbook paper, stickers, sturdy cereal boxes, ruler, scissors, and a pen. You probably already have all of these things at home, right? You could also use thick wrapping paper or construction paper if you don't have scrapbook paper. 

Draw a diagonel line on the sides of the box from the top to about 5-6" down across as pictured. 

Cut off the box top and the sides and front so the remaining box looks like this.

Next cover the box with your selected paper. I used spray adhesive to adhere the paper to the box, but take this step slowly because it's tricky to get it laying just right. I didn't bother covering the back as it's not visible in my space. 

I used two square cork sheets (purchased from a four-pack at CVS — maybe I need to figure something out for the other two sheets!). I hung them to a panel/cover that surrounds our fridge with double-sided foam tape. (This was the safest place because I didn’t want to put them on a wall and rip off the paint later if the message center had to come down.) Be generous with the foam tape so its nice and secure. Press the cork on your surface firmly before adding everything else. Oh, and don't overload the boxes too much as you don't want the whole ensemble to come crashing down! (I learned that the hard way after jamming way too many pre-school doodles in there!) 

So this is the finished product. What do you think? How do you keep organized in your home? 

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