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Mother's Day is May 14! I have no clue what I'm going to create for my mom and mother-in-law, so I went through past issues today to gather inspiration. Should I go with jewelry, mosaic, clay or embroidery? So many options. (And so little time!) I hope these 10 ideas are helpful in planning the perfect gift for mom. Click on the images for instructions. 

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1. Retro Canisters & Utensils Set

Brighten up mom's kitchen with this DIY clay idea.

2. Mosaic Hibiscus Frame

Isn't this beautiful? If you have a band saw, this would be fun to try. Pattern included! 

3. Live Simply Framed Cross-stitch

A beautiful floral pattern and inspiring message! I wish I had time to make this for my mom. 

4. Textured Washcloths

Soft, fluffy sugar and cream yarns come together to add some simple comfort to the washroom. Knit and crochet instructions are included.

5. Bottle Tab Magnets

I may enlist the kiddos' help to create these super cute recycled magnets. 

6. Mokume Gane Jewelry

A pretty necklace and bracelet set made with clay embellishments. 

7. Light Rose Chandelier Earrings

Created with light rose crystal beads by Swarovski, these custom-made earrings are easy to pull together. 

8. Love Coaster Art

Turn coasters into a piece of art! 

9. Mosaic Stepping Stone

If your mom is a gardener, this gift is sure to make her smile!

10. Portrait Gift Box

Take the kids' drawings of mom, scan and transfer to clay for a one-of-a-kind gift! 

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