Recycled Valentine's Day Card Boxes

Make sure to hold onto empty cereal boxes, oatmeal canisters, tissue boxes and milk jugs to craft up these creative Valentine card boxes with your kids! All you need are some cardstock and embellishments to reimagine recyclables into your child’s favorite animal. These projects are great for classrooms – have your students bring in an empty cereal or tissue boxes and print a variety of patterns for them to create their own before the big classroom Valentine’s Day party!

Here are 20 of our favorite designs to get you inspired, each project comes with free printable patterns and easy to follow instructions.


1. Monkey Valentine Box

2. Buzzin Beehive

3. Mini Postal Mailbox

4. Lamb Classroom Mailbox

5. Timmy the Tiger Card Box

  6. Walter the Whale Mailbox

7. Larry the Lobster Card Holder

8. Crazy Bird Mailbox

9. Helena the Hippo

10. Floral Fashion Purse

11. Katie the Kitty and Danny the Dog

12. Frankie the Frog

13. Francesca the Frog

14. Morty the Moose

15. Pinky the Pig

16. Sammie the Skunk

17. Louie the Lion Card Box

18. Lizzy the Lizard

19. Polly the Parrot

20. Ginny the Giraffe



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