Sneak Peek

Spring 2017 Issue Sneak Peek

Welcome to our floral issue! We were thrilled to work with flower creations made from clay, yarn, egg cartons, old quilts, tissue paper and more. There are countless ways to craft up your own flower garden! Crochet flowers in various sizes and make a floral display with a brightly colored watering can from the dollar store (p. 36). Clay cherry blossoms are simple to make with a mold; create some for a headband as we did (p. 43), or use them to embellish other projects for your home. We’ll show you how to paint your own roses with a step-by-step tutorial (p. 28) as well. Many of these ideas are great for weddings, including crowns and hair pieces perfect for the wedding party! See p. 26 to get started making flowers of your own.

Speaking of weddings, A.C. Moore held a “Craft Your Dream Wedding” contest in the fall, and we were invited to attend the beautiful event in North Carolina’s Crystal Coast. Assistant Editor Helena Kim had a blast paddle boarding, biking, searching for wild horses, exploring the coast and, of course, crafting! No matter what type of wedding you’re planning, you’ll find some unique ideas in our “Craft Me a Coastal Wedding“ section on p. 46.

We asked our friends at Nunn Design for tips on how to preserve small flower buds or leaves in resin. I just love this idea for brides; I wish I would’ve saved some colorful petals from my wedding to turn into pendants for every day wear. It’s a tricky process but Becky Nunn provides her expertise for perfecting the design. She also offers several tips for drying your organics — see p. 40 for all the details.

We also have Easter projects (p. 10), springtime and wedding greeting cards (p. 62) and doily designs (p. 54) to keep you busy.

What will you be crafting up this spring? I’d love to hear from you! Please email me to share your creations or project ideas.

Happy crafting,

Molly Goad, Chief Editor