Sneak Peek

Garden 2017 Issue Sneak Peek

Hi everyone!

Our Garden issue is available digitally April 6 and hits newsstands April 25! As I was reading up on gardening décor and trends when planning this issue, I came across many hilarious garden signs and sayings, including:

• Weed It and Reap
• Gardening is for Pansies
• Beware of the Gnomes
• Trespassers will be Composted
• I Don’t Remember Planting This (my personal favorite)

In this issue, we’ve included an “Herb Garden” sign (p. 12) by expert painter Linda Hollander; you can use her detailed twig-lettering pattern to paint a sign with your favorite garden saying or surname for a unique piece of décor.

Another saying that caught my eye: “Think Outside: No Box Required.” This is what I would put on my patio sign because it describes my family to a “T.” As soon as the weather allows, we head to the parks, play in the yard, walk to school, begin the preparations for our garden and eat dinner outdoors as much as possible. Being forced to stay inside during the cold, snowy months makes us yearn for the fresh air even more. Naturally, I enjoyed looking through hundreds of garden and patio designs in the dead of winter. From a mosaic garden gecko to an upcycled birdhouse with a roof made out of yardsticks, you’ll find loads of inspiration as you prepare your outdoor area for summer.

We wanted to bring nature into crafting to keep with the garden theme, so we asked our designers to create with twigs (p. 54). I love how easy it is to create something eye-catching with a collection of branches from the yard. These projects are perfect for involving the kids — send them outside to hunt for the best twigs for your project.

What are you creating for your patio or garden this year? I’d love to hear from you! Please email me to share your creations or project ideas.

Happy crafting,

Molly Goad, Chief Editor