Weaving 101 with Black Sheep Goods

See how we used Black Sheep Good's Weaving Kit to learn the basics of weaving to create our own masterpiece! This kit comes with everything needed to create a woven wall hanging.
By  Helena Kim  

size varies


Black Sheep Goods Weaving Kit
Wool roving (optional) 



Video Project Instructions

1. Carefully pop out tools from weaving kit and sand edges.

2. Secure white yarn at bottom of weaving frame to add warp. The warp is the lengthwise yarn that is held in tension on the frame. Bring yarn up and around top first peg and bring down wrap around bottom first peg, repeat until entire frame is warped.

3. Wrap yarn color of choice onto shuttle to make weaving easier. Take pick up stick and pick every other yarn onto warp, turn pick up stick so that it’s lying perpendicular to warp. Tie yarn onto bottom right warp and feed through opening created by pick up stick. Repeat left to right side. Continue repeating as desired. Use comb to slide woven yarn downward to stack yarn neatly.

4. For tassels, cut yarn to double the length of desired tassel length. Cut as many as needed for desired look. Take 3-5 pieces of cut yarn and center it under first two warps. Pull center of yarn upwards to create a loop and pull remaining lengths on either side of loop through it from the top. Pull tight and slide tassel down. Continue repeating as desired.

5. Wrap second yarn color of choice onto shuttle and repeat Step 3 to weave as desired.

6. For soumak weaving, going left to right, place doubled up yarn over two warps, loop around, go over two warps, loop around and continue. Repeat going right to left to create the braid look.

7. Continue weaving as desired. Add wool roving for added texture as desired.

8. Unhook bottom warps and cut. Tie cut ends together to secure bottom of weaving. Unhook top warms and pull dowel through to create hanging.