3Doodler Pumpkin Turkey

Create easy basic shapes using the 3Doodler Create and adhere them to a pumpkin for a fun Thanksgiving decoration!
By  Helena Kim  

size varies


Small white pumpkin 

Small wooden bead


3Doodler Create 

PLA strands in various colors 

Permanent Glue Dots



1. Draw simple template for back feathers and wings onto scrap piece of paper. 

2. Insert desired PLA strand color into 3Doodler Create and trace over templates. Create six wings and six back feathers in various colors. 

3. Place beak, wattle and eyes onto small wooden bead as shown using 3Doodler Create. 

4. Adhere head to tip of stem using Permanent Glue Dots 

5. Layer and adhere three wings together. Repeat to make a set of wings and adhere to pumpkin sides as shown. 

6. Layer and adhere six back feathers together. Adhere back feathers to back of pumpkin as shown.