Neon Crossbody Crocheted Purse

By  Janice Ogata 

purse, 7½”x6½”; strap, 24”


Red Heart Super Saver Bright Mix Yarn  

Embroidery thread 

Decorative Buttons


Crochet Hook US size H

Needle: tapestry, sewing 

Stitch marker





ch = chain

st(s) = stitch(es)

tr = triple crochet

hdc = half double crochet

sk = skip

Project Instructions

1. Ch 30 st.

2. In fifth ch from hook, tc all way across, turn, ch 2.

3. Row 2: Sk first st, hdc all way across, turn, ch 2.

4. Rows 3-40: hdc in each st across, turn, ch 2 on all rows until piece measures 16”x7½”. Weave in end.

5. Fold piece to measure 6”. Fold remaining 4” over for purse flap. 

6. Using same colored yarn, sew each side of purse. Leave an 8” tail on each side to anchor strap to purse later. 

7. For purse strap, ch 180 with 8” tail. In third ch from hook, hdc all way across, tie off leaving approximately 8” tail.  

8. Attach strap to purse by tying knots with yarn tails, weave in ends. Repeat for other side of strap. Sew on decorative buttons.