Summer Cover Up

By  Grace Moffatt 

size varies


Yarn in color of choice, one skein


Crochet hook, size 1


Measuring tape


st(s) = stitches
ch = chain
ss = slip stitch
sc = single crochet

1. Ch 90 sts. Join ends together with ss. Sc once into each ch around the circle.

2. Ch 8, sc through the third st from the one you just worked on. Repeat until you have worked entire ring. Ch 8 and sc through chained loop. Repeat until your work measures about 15” long.

3. Sc 8 and then sc through the stitch ahead of your hook. Ch 8 and sc through the loop ahead of your needle.

4. Repeat Step 3 all the way around the circle, alternating between stitching into the stitch and through the loop. This will allow the cover up to flare a bit at the elbows.

5. After continuing alternating between stitching through the loop and through the next stitch all the way around, switch back to your original pattern; ch 8 and sc through the loop ahead of your needle. Continue this step twice all the way around. Cast off and weave in ends when you have reached desired length.


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