Woven Crocheted Purse

By  Cari Clement  for  Caron International

Weave knitted cord through a crocheted-mesh pattern for a stunning purse you can make in any color combination.


  • Caron yarn: Jewel Box Emerald, one 2-1/2 oz. skein; Simply Soft Country Blue, one 6 oz. skein
  • Bond America Embellish-Knit! cording machine
  • Toggle button, 3/4"


  • Crochet hook, size G/6
  • Large safety pin or bodkin

Basic Supplies

  • scissors, large needle


bet: between
ch: chain
dc: double crochet
pat: pattern
rep: repeat
sk: skip
st(s): stitch(es)

  • Size
  • 1. Finished Size: 7" square
  • Gauge
  • 1. Gauge is 16 sts and 14 dc rows = 4"/10cm over pat st
  • Purse
  • 1. Row 1: With Emerald, ch 37.
  • 2. Row 2: Sk first 3 ch. *Dc in next ch 1. Ch 1. Sk next ch.* Rep bet *'s across, ending with dc in last ch. Ch 3.
  • 3. Row 3: *Dc in top of dc on previous row. Ch 1.* Rep bet *'s across, ending with last dc in last ch. Ch 3.
  • 4. Rep Row 3 for pat st. Continue for 30 rows of mesh grid; end off.
  • 5. Follow cording machine manufacturer's instructions to make cording from entire Country Blue skein.
  • 6. To finish, attach safety pin or bodkin to end of cording. Weave cording horizontally through crocheted mesh, over one dc st and under the next. Work weaving in opposite direction for next row. Rep until entire purse has been woven, except last row.
  • 7. For last row, weave through all but last grid row. Weave to center and pull down a 1" loop to use as the button loop; continue weaving across the row. Cut remaining cording; end off. Fold up bottom 6" and sew side seam. Fold over top. Sew button to front at loop.