Goldfish Beanbag Bookend

By  Kathleen Berlew 

5”x5”x2½”, stitch count: 62w x 62h


DMC Charles Craft 16-count White Aida, 8”x8”

DMC 6-strand embroidery floss 

Wool-blend felt, 9”x12”: Bright Orange, Orange  

Dried rice or popcorn kernels, 4 cups



Needles: embroidery, sewing 


Iron and pressing surface 


Straight pins


Cross-stitch: 2 strands

Half cross-stitch: 2 strands


1. Cross-stitch design centered on fabric using two strands of floss.

2. Trim excess Aida around finished embroidery, leaving a border of three Aida squares around design. Press piece face down on pressing surface. 

3. Cut two 5” squares from Bright Orange felt and cut four 2½”x5”rectangles from Orange felt.  

4. Pin cross-stitched Aida to center of one Bright Orange felt square. Sew Aida to felt using a double strand of white floss and backstitch, stitching one Aida square beyond edge of embroidery. When embroidery is stitched securely in place, carefully pull away one row of thread from Aida fabric on all sides. 

5. Pin long edges of Orange felt pieces to edges of front piece. Use double strand of light tangerine floss and running stitch to sew sides to front piece. Be sure to stitch corners tightly. Pin short edges of side pieces together and sew seams closed. Pin square back piece to long edges of side pieces and sew together. Leave an opening to fill bookend with rice or popcorn kernels. Sew opening closed with running stitch.

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