Fiesta Floral Punch Needle

By  Alice Okon for The DMC Corporation 



Notecard box

DMC 6-Strand Embroidery floss: 472 Avocado Green-Ultra LT, 581 Moss Green, 604 Cranberry-LT, 702 Kelly Green, 740 Tangerine, 742 Tangerine-LT, 743 Yellow-MD, 798 Delft Blue-MD, 809 Delft Blue, 891 Carnation-DK, 906 Parrot Green-MD, 907 Parrot Green-V DK, 935 Avocado Green-DK, 3761 Sky Blue-LT, Blanc White; 310 Black, two skeins

DMC Punch Needle Natural Fabric, 10”x10” 


Morgan No Slip Interlocking Hoop, 7” 

Cameo Ultra Punch Needle, small

Needle threader

Flat paintbrush, ¼” 

DMC embroidery scissors

Adhesive: water base crafter’s adhesive, clear fabric adhesive



Pencil and transfer paper

Black permanent marker

Project Instructions


1.Print full-sized pattern and color guide. Use transfer paper and pencil to trace design onto center of punch needle fabric. Place fabric in hoop and pull taught.

2. Refer to color guide and punch needle design on #3 medium-low setting using three strands of floss. Start in center of design and work outward; punch flowers and large leaves first, followed by background and small design details.

3. Trim excess threads from front and backsides of stitched design.

4. Brush thin layer of water base adhesive over stitches while design is still in hoop. Let dry flat.

5. Remove design from hoop and lay punch needle front side up. Draw 1/16” thick line along outside edges of design on natural fabric with black marker. Carefully cut out design with 1/16” black border. 

6. Adhere finished design onto notecard box with clear fabric adhesive. Press into place and let dry.