Cross-Stitch Snowman Ornaments

By  Charles Craft 

size: 5"x6"; stitch count: 37 w x 50 h

  • Cross-Stitch Snowman Ornaments
  • Back of Green Snowman
  • Ornaments & Gift Tags
  • Red Snowman
  • Green Snowman
  • Back of Red Snowman


  • White Vinyl Aida, 5”x6”, two
  • 6-strand Embroidery Floss in colors listed on chart


  • Tapestry needle, #24
  • Sharp scissors

Pattern - Red Snowman
Pattern - Green Snowman

  • 1. To find center of Aida, fold in half and in half again opposite way. Mark center with contrasting thread.
  • 2. Use three strands floss to cross-stitch ornament front and back in colors listed on keycode.
  • 3. Use two strands floss to backstitch inside front and back of snowman, except outline, in colors listed on keycode. Use pencil to mark outline, using purple cutting lines on chart; cut out. (Note: After cutting one side of snowman, sandwich him to other side to make sure cut lines are identical.)
  • 4. Hot glue 7" folded ribbon to reverse side of snowman front (indicated by yellow arrow on chart).
  • 5. Sandwich front and back together. Cut one yard two-strand floss. Starting at top right hat corner, use running stitch to sew front to back. To hide floss tail, take needle up through top so floss end is buried between both pieces. At end, bury tail in same way. Make two complete revolutions of snowman with running stitch for backstitch look and to join sides together.