Punch Needle Mr. Fox

By  Helen Bradley 

Sly and crafty, this fox hanging is a great accent for any woodland décor. Combine punch needle with a fox head focal bead to make this whimsical three-dimensional design.


  • Fox head bead (Available online at
  • Linen, 8”x8”
  • Felt, 6”x6”
  • Embroidery floss: white, red-brown, black
  • Embroidery hoop, 4” diameter
  • Ribbon


  • Needles: punch, sewing
  • Beacon Adhesives Fabri-Tac Permanent Adhesive

Basic Supplies

  • scissors, pencil, transfer paper

Pattern - Punch Needle Mr. Fox

  • Size
  • 1. Hanging has a 4-1/2" diameter.
  • Mr. Fox
  • 1. Print out pattern. Trace circle same-size as embroidery hoop on scrap paper. Mark placement spot for fox head bead. Transfer body, tail, and horizon line and cloud onto circle and also on fabric. Position fabric in embroidery hoop.
  • 2. Thread punch needle with two strands of white thread; working from front of fabric, punch fox's white bib/neck area. Load needle with two strands of red-brown thread; punch fox's body. Load needle with two strands of black thread; punch fox's legs.
  • 3. Turn piece over so wrong side is facing up. Load punch needle with two strands white thread; punch tip of fox's tail. (Note: It is easiest to do stitches on outside edge of tail and check against design marked on front of fabric.) After outline stitches are complete, fill in areas. Repeat with red-brown thread to complete fox's tail.
  • 4. Turn piece over again so right side is facing up. Complete background by punching clouds in white from front of design with border punched around each shape.
  • 5. Once satisfied with needle punching, adhere fox bead to design. Secure by adding stitches through bead hole.
  • 6. Trim fabric leaving 1" around edges. Cut felt circle slightly smaller than inner area of embroidery hoop; hand-sew over back of design.
  • 7. Loop ribbon through embroidery hoop; tie ends into knot. Trim ends.