Reversible Pumkat Softie


  • Fabric scraps: orange, black, various prints
  • Quilt binding or bias tape, scraps
  • Fairfield Soft Touch Polyfil Supreme Fiberfill


  • Sewing machine and thread

Basic Supplies

scissors, straight pins, turning tools



  • 1. All seam allowances are 1/4”. Lock in stitches at beginning and end to prevent unraveling.


  • 1. Print out patterns. Transfer patterns onto fabric; pin pieces together and cut out.
  • 2. Position two cat ear pieces right sides facing together and sew from one corner to tip and down to other corner, leaving the bottom open for turning. Repeat with other ear. Clip edges of ears before turning inside out.
  • 3. Position two pumpkin stem pieces right sides facing together and sew from one corner around and down to other corner, leaving bottom (widest portion) open for turning. Clip edges of stem before turning inside out. Set aside.
  • 4. Using “quilt as you go method,” stack four panels on top of each other in following order: pumpkin panel right side facing up, pumpkin panel right side facing down, cat panel right side facing up, one ear at tip of stacked panels on right side with raw edges lined up. (Note: Pattern piece that is facing up will be front of cat.) Add cat panel right side facing down on top of stacked panels.
  • 5. Stitch right side of stacked panels from top to bottom. Clip entire edge.
  • 6. Open up panels so cat panel that was on top and pumpkin panel that was on bottom are now over to right of stitched seam and right sides are facing out.
  • 7. Position another cat panel right side facing down on top of cat panel with pumpkin panel underneath so that right sides are facing together. Stitch right side from top to bottom. Clip entire edge.
  • 8. Repeat steps 6 and 7 until you have added all panels. Before sewing 4th set of panels together, be sure to place other ear at right side tip of panels. Position ear right side down to match ear patterns on front of cat with other ear.
  • 9. To close, take two panels from one side (one pumpkin and one cat) and panel that is on inside; position panels together and sew seam from top to bottom. (Note: You will have one “fly away” piece that is connected only on one side.)
  • 10. Hand sew fly-away edge by tucking it underneath, aligning with final seam. Use ladder stitch to attach and close. (Note: Be sure to not go through to other side when stitching.)
  • 11. Hand sew tips on top of cat together to close. (Note: The pumpkin side will be covered by stem.)
  • 12. Stuff each section carefully with fiberfill. To turn inside out, push down around center to evenly distribute stuffing and prevent tearing on seams.
  • 13. To close bottom sections, sew binding onto one side of pumkat; turn in and hand sew to other side using whipstitch or stitch of choice.
  • 14. Using ladder stitch, hand sew stem onto pumpkin on center top.
  • 15. Add eyes, mouths, and noses onto cat and pumpkin if desired. Use whipstitch to attach fabric or felt scraps onto faces.
by Kerry Goulder for Kid Giddy


Reversible Pumkat Softie
Reversible Pumkat Softie Fig. 1
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Fig. 3