Needle Punch Folk Art


  • Weaver’s cloth, 12”x18”
  • Gold felted wool (backing), 4-1/2”x8”
  • 6-strand mbroidery floss: Weeks Dye Works: Deep Sea; Oak; Lancaster Red; Gun Metal; Schneckley; Moss; Cognac; DMC: 613; 936
  • Small silver seed beads, three
  • Tag board scrap
  • Basket and filler of choice


  • Embroidery hoop, 10”
  • Cameo punch needle
  • Beading thread
  • Pinking shears
  • Sewing machine and brown thread



  • Print and cut out pattern. Use light box and permanent black pen to transfer design to weaver’s cloth.


  • Place design in embroidery hoop, stretching fabric firmly. Use three strands of floss (unless otherwise directed) to punch the following:


  • Zigzag border: Deep Sea; Background: Oak; Rectangle in corner of flag: Deep Sea; Outline of stripes: Lancaster Red; Alternating stripes: Lancaster Red and 613 DMC; Pole: Gun Metal; String: Gun Metal; Center flower: Scheckley; Left and right flowers: Lancaster Red; Flower centers: Schneckley; Bottom part of center flower: Moss; Middle stem: 936 DMC; Left and right stems: Moss; Vase: Cognac; Line on vase: Lancaster Red; Star: Deep Sea; Border: Lancaster Red


  • For stars, sew silver beads to flag. Cut rectangle from tag board to same size as punched piece. Trim weaver’s cloth, leaving 1/4” cloth border around punched design. Fold and glue excess cloth over tag board edges. Use decorative-edge scissors to trim backing as desired. Glue backing to design, and design to front of basket. Fill basket as desired.
by Stacy West


Needle Punch Folk Art
Needle Punch Folk Art