Marbleized Paper Journal, Card & Jewelry


  • Notebook with comb binding
  • Pencil
  • Coordinating patterned paper
  • Coordinating ribbons (May Arts)
  • German Die-Cut Butterflies (Rock Candy Studios)
  • Marbleized paper, 5”x5”
  • Cardstock: dark green; mustard yellow; chocolate brown; cream
  • Coordinating ribbon, 3/8”-wide
  • Coordinating silk flower and autumn leaf
  • Decorative extra-large brad
  • Marbleized paper
  • Dark brown hemp jewelry cord, 1 yd.
  • Assorted dark brown natural wood beads


  • Recycled DuPont Tyvek envelopes (moisture-resistant, tear-resistant woven envelopes available from office-supply stores; other water-resistant papers and surfaces may also be used)
  • Krylon Indoor/Outdoor Paints (Krylon): Almond; Bauhaus Gold; Ivy Leaf; Equestrian
  • Disposable tray
  • Water
  • Paper towels
  • Krylon spray paints (Krylon): Satin Bright White Indoor/Outdoor; Gold Chiffon Webbing Spray
  • ColorBox Chestnut Roan Fluid Chalk Inkpad (Clearsnap)
  • Foam sponge
  • Zip Dry Paper Glue (Beacon Adhesives)
  • Thanks stamp
  • ColorBox Chestnut Roan Fluid Chalk Inkpad (Clearsnap)
  • Foam sponge
  • Zip Dry Paper Glue (Beacon Adhesives)
  • Krylon Triple-Thick Crystal Clear Glaze (Krylon)
  • Wooden skewer
  • Zip Dry Paper Glue (Beacon Adhesives)



  • 1. Cut Tyvek envelopes to fit within tray. Fill tray halfway with water.
  • 2. Spray surface of water with paint, allowing force of spray to manipulate paint into appealing patterns. Spray additional colors as desired.

Journal and Pencil

  • 1. Carefully open comb binding and remove notebook covers. Spray paint covers Satin Bright White to waterproof them; let dry.
  • 2. Follow general instructions to marbleize covers, using them in place of Tyvek paper. Let dry. Spray covers with Webbing Spray to add texture; let dry. Reassemble notebook.
  • 3. Cut patterned paper to fit inside covers; sponge ink around paper edges and adhere to covers with paper glue. Cut 1”-wide strip same height as notebook cover; sponge ink around edges and adhere to cover.
  • 4. Cut ribbon slightly longer than paper strip; glue ribbon to strip and ends to inside front cover. Cut remaining ribbons into 4” lengths; tie two ribbon lengths to each section of comb binding.
  • 5. Trim three butterflies and adhere to cover as shown.
  • 6. For pencil, trim marbleized paper created previously to 1”x7” (or length of pencil). Wrap paper tightly around pencil and adhere end with paper glue. Let dry.

Thanks Card

  • 1. Make dark green card base. Cut 5-1/4” chocolate brown square and mat on 5-1/2” mustard yellow square.
  • 2. Sponge ink around edges of marbleized paper; mat on layered cardstock. Wrap ribbon around layered papers and adhere ends to back with paper glue; let dry.
  • 3. Stamp “thanks” on cream cardstock with brown ink; trim sentiment and tear ends. Sponge ink around edges and insert brad in left side, passing through centers of flower and leaf. Adhere strip to card with paper glue; let dry.

Paper Bead Necklace

  • 1. Cut 8” long marbleized paper strips in following widths: one 1/2”; one 3/4”; one 1”; one 1-1/4”; seven 1-1/2”.
  • 2. At one end of each strip, on back, measure and lightly mark center with pencil. Use ruler to lightly mark lines from center point to far corners of strip. Cut on lines, creating long, narrow triangles.
  • 3. From wide end of triangle, begin rolling paper around skewer. Apply a thin bead of paper glue down center of paper triangle and continue rolling bead. Remove from skewer; let dry. Repeat with all paper beads.
  • 4. Coat all beads with Krylon Triple-Thick Crystal Clear Glaze; let dry. Designer Tip: To create a “spraying stand” for beads, poke 11 straight pins all the way through a scrap of cardboard and turn cardboard over. Slip beads onto pins, spray with protective coating and let dry. Lift beads off pins when dry.
  • 5. Position small wooden bead onto center of hemp twine. Add smallest paper bead by threading twine ends all the way through opposite ends of bead. Add a small wooden bead to each end of twine, then through opposite ends of next larger paper bead. Repeat until five paper beads have been strung to create pendant.
  • 6. Add a large wooden bead to each end of twine. Using photo as guide, string paper beads and large wooden beads to complete necklace. When necklace is long enough to slip over head, tie twine ends together and secure with dot of glue; let dry. Trim excess twine.
by Roxi Phillips for Krylon
Marbleized Paper Journal
Marbleized Paper Journal Marbleized Paper Card
Marbleized Paper Card Marbleized Paper Jewelry
Marbleized Paper Jewelry