RSS: "Falling" for Fillable Pens!


  • Leather Wristband (Silver Creek Leather Co.)
  • Hot Fix Crystalina Flatback Crystals in Sun (Kandi Corp.)
  • Inkssentials Frosted Memory Glass*, 1”x1”
  • Inkssentials Antique Copper Memory Frames*, 1”x1”
  • Antique-finish copper findings: chain; 22-gauge wire; 1” head pin; bead
  • Glass beads: six green; two orange


  • Archival Jet Black ink pad (Ranger)
  • Tim Holtz Adirondack Alcohol Inks*: Sunset Orange; Meadow; Cranberry; Sunshine Yellow; Espresso
  • Tim Holtz Adirondack Alcohol Blending Solution*
  • Tim Holtz Adirondack Alcohol Ink Fillable Pens*, six
  • Perfect Pearls Perfect Pearl pigment powder*
  • Stamps: Fall Leaves (Innovative Stamp Creations); Heidi Grace Designs Reagan’s Closet (Fiskars)
  • Inkssentials Heatit Craft Tool*
  • Creative Jewel Tool (Walnut Hollow)
  • Leather Sheen (Silver Creek Leather Co.)
  • Make-up sponge
  • Self-Adhesive Peel Off’s (Magenta): Squares; Flourishes
  • Jewelry-making tools: wire cutters; round-nose pliers; chain-nose pliers
  • Small paintbrush and palette


Autumn Splendor Leather Bracelet

  • 1. Stamp assorted Jet Black leaves onto bracelet; heat set. Apply Leather Sheen to stamped side of bracelet using make-up sponge; let dry or heat set. This seals bracelet for alcohol ink application and prevents smearing.
  • 2. Follow manufacturer’s instructions to fill five pens with alcohol inks, each a different color; fill last pen with blending solution. Using pens and photo as a guide, color in leaves and background. Layer darker colors over lighter ones to shade; lift excess color with blending solution pen. Designer Tip: For more intense color, seal bracelet again with Leather Sheen and add another layer of color using pens.
  • 3. To add shimmer to some leaves, use tip of current pen to carefully pick up a touch of Perfect Pearls powder and then continue to color; powder will blend with ink on surface of bracelet.
  • 4. Once bracelet is inked and heat set, apply second coat of Leather Sheen and let dry. Use soft cloth to buff bracelet to a high sheet.
  • 5. Following manufacturer’s instructions, use Creative Jewel Tool to apply Sun crystals here and there on bracelet.

Designer Tip

  • 1. Technique works on clear Memory Glass, as well, but colors will appear less intense.

Frosted Fall Necklace

  • 1. Apply outline sticker to frosted side of Memory Glass, firmly burnishing edges to ensure best contact with glass.
  • 2. Follow manufacturer’s instructions to fill five pens with alcohol inks, each a different color; fill last pen with blending solution. Using pens and photo as a guide, color in various sections of sticker. Lift excess color with blending solution pen to create variation. To intensify colors, gently glow on area as you apply color.
  • 3. Carefully peel up sticker; save for use on another project, if desired.
  • 4. To add shimmer, mix Perfect Pearls powder with water on palette to creamy consistency; paint over colored surface, covering entire area. Paint will not affect alcohol inks. Let dry completely.
  • 5. Insert colored glass in Memory Frame, shiny side up; place second piece of frosted glass behind it. Close frame, adding second split ring to opposite side of frame from first.
  • 6. Thread one green bead, copper bead and a second green bead onto copper head pin. Use pliers to bend small loop in top, securing beads. Use wire to attach dangle to bottom split ring on frame; trim excess. Cut two 1-1/2” wire lengths; thread three beads onto each piece as shown and use pliers to loop ends around top split ring and chain ends.
by Rebecca Peck
Autumn Splendor Leather Bracelet
Autumn Splendor Leather Bracelet Frosted Fall Necklace
Frosted Fall Necklace