Beaded Friendship Branch Candle Wrap


  • Pillar candle, 3”
  • Assorted beads, 30
  • Variety of beads for personal bead
  • Gold wire, 24-gauge, 8’ length


  • Wire cutters

Basic Supplies

straight pins



  • 1. Directions are provided for a party of 10. Each person attending will receive three beads from each guest.


  • 1. Ask guests to distribute their beads.
  • 2. Have each guest choose one personal bead that best represents them. This bead will be used at the end of the branch.
  • 3. Slide one bead to wire center; fold wire in half.
  • 4. Twist wire five times to secure first bead and form main branch. Separate wires into two tails.
  • 5. Slide next bead onto one wire tail, 1/4” to 1/2” from main branch. Fold wire and twist to main branch.
  • 6. Bring both tails together and twist four to six times to continue main branch. Repeat Steps 5 and 6 with opposite tail. Continue securing beads to stems, alternating between wire tails. Vary the amount of twists throughout stems and branch for added interest.
  • 7. After all 30 beads are secured to wire, twist remaining wire together and slide on personal bead. Tuck wire end into bead to fasten. Coil wire into spiral.
  • 8. Wrap completed branch around candle. If needed, insert pins through wires and into candle to secure. Bend branch and stems to shape around candle.


  • 1. Add visual interest by stringing small silver or gold charms, ceramic shapes, or other embellishments to beaded branches.
by Lisa Bychowski
Beaded Friendship Branch Candle Wrap
Beaded Friendship Branch Candle Wrap