Tiered Dessert Stand


  • Vintage dishes: saucer; salad plate; dinner plate; small dessert cups, two
  • STYROFOAM Brand Foam Balls (Dow): 2-1/2” (large cupcakes); 3” (mega cupcakes)
  • Texture paste
  • Glitter
  • Acrylic paints or ink to tint texture paste
  • Embellishments of choice
  • Cupcake liner
  • Delight Air-Dry Modeling Compound (Creative Paperclay)
  • Acrylic paints or ink to tint clay
  • Mold
  • Brown spray paint
  • Candy liner
  • Coordinating paint
  • Texture paste


  • Eclectic Products E-6000 Industrial-Strength Adhesive
  • Serrated knife



  • 1. For best results, take care to adhere cups to exact center of dishes.

Tiered Dessert Stand

  • 1. Wash and dry dishes. Apply E-6000 Industrial-Strength Adhesive around lip of dessert cup and center carefully under salad plate. Repeat for saucer tier. Let glue cure for 24 hours.
  • 2. Using photo as guide, adhere salad plate/dessert cup tier to center of dinner plate and to base of saucer/dessert cup tier. Let glue cure for 24 hours.

Tip - Stand

  • 1. Instead of creating one dessert stand, create single-layer tiers you can stack. This will make it easier to wash and store.

Cupcake Decor

  • 1. Shave or flatten sides of foam balls into cupcake shape, leaving tops in domed shape.
  • 2. Cover top of cupcake with tinted texture paste. Add glitter, micro beads or other embellishments if desired while paste is still wet.
  • 3. Place decorated cupcake inside liner and let dry. Quick Tip: For oversize cupcakes, use 3” foam ball and small (2-4 cup) coffee filter as a liner.

More - Cupcake Decor

  • 1. Attach hangers to cupcakes for darling ornaments.

Chocolate Decor

  • 1. Tint clay and press into mold. Let dry. Pop from mold and spray paint “candies” brown.
  • 2. For “icing”, drizzle candies with dimensional paint.
  • 3. Place candy inside liner and let dry.
by Eileen Hull
Tiered Dessert Stand
Tiered Dessert Stand Side View
Side View Different Angle
Different Angle Closeup View of Cupcake
Closeup View of Cupcake Decorated Candy
Decorated Candy