Halloween Tea Cups


  • 9”x12” White 14-count Perforated Paper (Wichelt Imports, Inc.)
  • 6-strand Embroidery Floss (DMC)

Stitch Type

  • Backstitch: >As indicated in key
  • Cross-stitch: >2 strands
  • French Knot: >1 strand wrapped two times

Basic Supplies

needle, scissors



  • 1. DO NOT STITCH RED LINES - cutting lines only.


  • 1. To cut inside handle, start a hole with craft knife and finish with a small, sharp scissors.

Tea Cups

  • 1. Cut perforated paper to 4-1/2” wide x 6” long. Begin stitching either at top left or right corner. Cut along red lines.
  • 2. Using 3 to 6 strand of DMC #762, cut 2 pieces 9” long. Using one piece at a time, tie a knot to tea bag (know should be located on wrong side of tea bag). Attach other end to cup. Knot should be located in back.
by Jennifer Rodriguez




Halloween Tea Cups
Halloween Tea Cups