Delicate Blossoms Bracelet


  • Swarovski: Double-holed Enamel Pink Flower Slider; Roseline Glass Pearls, 6x6mm, 8x4mm; Crystal Bicones, 4x6mm, 4x4mm
  • The Bead Shop Diamante Two-Holed Butterfly Spacers, two
  • Fire Mountain Gems and Beads Silver Noodle Beads, 2x50mm
  • Silver wire, 10” length


  • Flat-nose pliers, round-nose pliers, wire cutters
  • Bead reamer

Basic Supplies




  • 1. Size is 8-1/2".

Delicate Blossoms Bracelet

  • 1. Cut three rounds from wire coil; cut into two equal lengths. See Photo 1.
  • 2. Use flat-nose pliers to turn 90° angle on one end of each wire approximately 3/8” from end. Bend into loop using round-nose pliers. See Photo 2 and Photo 3.
  • 3. Use bead reamer to enlarge hole in two 6mm pearls large enough to thread onto both coils of wire. Take care not to damage the beads. Set one aside.
  • 4. Holding two wires together, thread on one 6mm pearl and one silver noodle bead. See Photo 4.
  • 5. Separate wires and thread on 4mm crystal and 4mm pearl on each wire.
  • 6. Thread one side of butterfly slide on left wire and other side on right wire. See Photo 5.
  • 7. Thread 6mm pearl, 4mm pearl, and 6mm crystal on each wire. See Photo 6.
  • 8. Thread one side of flower slider on left wire and other side on right wire. See Photo 7.
  • 9. Complete other side of bracelet reversing stringing pattern.
  • 10. Push all beads around to loops formed in beginning, making sure there are no gaps between beads and sliders.
  • 11. Position flat-nose pliers alongside last pearl bead; turn both wires at 90° angle. Trim wires to 3/8”. See Photo 8.
  • 12. Turn loop on each wire to finish.


  • 1. If bead reamer is not available, use a needle tool.
by Myléne Hillam
Delicate Blossoms Bracelet
Delicate Blossoms Bracelet Photo 1
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