Pacific Flower Bracelet


  • Sof-Suede Pacific Green Lace, 3/32”-wide
  • Silver flower with two loops
  • Silver quick links, 10
  • Silver ribbon clamps, 10mm, two
  • Silver hollow tubes, six
  • Silver barrel clasp


  • Flat-nose pliers
  • Chain-nose pliers

Basic Supplies

scissors, ruler



  • 1. Cut three 10” lengths of lace. See Photo 1.
  • 2. Line up ends of lace and place ribbon clamp over ends. Gently squeeze clamp using flat-nose pliers, making sure lace is secure. See Photo 2.
  • 3. Thread each lace through silver tube. See Photo 3.
  • 4. Position quick link on center lace and on one outside lace; turn bracelet over and gently squeeze links closed. Place another link on center lace and on other outside lace and close. Repeat process with two more links. See Photo 4 and Photo 5.
  • 5. Slide focal flower onto two outer laces. Working from back, place quick link on outside lace near loop of flower and center lace; connect them together. See Photo 6 and Photo 7.
  • 6. Place another quick link next to loop of flower on other outside lace and center lace; connect them together. See Photo 8.
  • 7. Complete other side of bracelet to match.
  • 8. Trim bracelet to desired length, minus length of barrel clasp, and attach ribbon clamp to secure ends. See Photo 9.
  • 9. Attach barrel clasp to ends of ribbon clamps.


  • 1. Experiment with different color combos and focal point using various two-loop beads.


  • 1. Size is 8".
by Myléne Hillam
Pacific Flower Bracelet
Pacific Flower Bracelet Photo 1
Photo 1 Photo 2
Photo 2 Photo 3
Photo 3 Photo 4
Photo 4 Photo 5
Photo 5 Photo 6
Photo 6 Photo 7
Photo 7 Photo 8
Photo 8 Photo 9
Photo 9