Patriotic Mosaic


  • 16”x16” Ecru 25-count Evenweave (DMC)
  • 6-strand Color Variations Embroidery Floss (DMC)
  • Color Variations Perle Cotton (DMC)

Stitch Type

  • Specialty Stitches: >1 Perle Cotton or 2 strands Embroidery Floss

Basic Supplies

needle, scissors



  • 1. Cutting lines-do not stitch.


  • 1. Start in center of fabric and stitch over two threads of fabric. Begin with Satin Chevrons as shown for star motif, using 1 strand Perle Cottons, carefully note 2 colors required. Work Kloster Blocks using 1 strand Perle Cottons, completing each motif to ensure accuracy, before cutting and removing fabric threads where indicated by dotted line. Work Woven Bars, Algerian Eyelets and Diamond Eyelets using 2 strands of floss, and pulling slightly to open ‘eye’. Work Four-Sided stitch using 1 strand Perle Cottons.
  • 2. Tips on using Variegated threads; to maximize color changes, complete each stitch or unit before moving on to the next. For continuity over long areas, use threads as they come off the skein. The light and dark areas will balance themselves in the over all design, but you can manipulate tones if necessary.
by Julia Lucas


Patriotic Mosaic
Patriotic Mosaic